20 heinäkuuta 2017

Tiny White Butterflies

This week I have been especially happy with Gillenia trifoliata.
Right now they bloom so charmingly.

In Finnish its name is Perhoangervo which means literally Butterfly spiraea.
There is no relation to spiraeas,
but indeed the flowers are like a million tiny white butterflies.

Gillenia is difficult to photograph,
I succeeded better as a bouquet added with Karl Rosenfield.

Summer is such a glorious time, isn't it!

18 heinäkuuta 2017

Floral Bliss #30


I don't know where this lilac Campanula latifolia / Ukonkello has come from. 
Maybe by cross pollination for I have it in white & blue too.
These are big & handsome plants but flowers last only a day or two.
They soon turn very, very ugly and I cut them down, also in order to prevent self sowing.

Looks pretty messy on photo but looks nice in the garden:
On the forefront high white & unknown Geranium, behind a large bush of C latifolia
and on the background Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diabolo'.

Campanula persicifolia / Kurjenkello in white or blue is my favourite.
These are just starting...

Campanula trachelium / Varsankello self seeds eagerly and the flowers last long.
The whites are not yet open.

Helsinki time

Please join & share your photos with us!

Aurinkoisia päiviä! - Wishing you sunny days!

17 heinäkuuta 2017

Marja - Berry

Oma maa mansikka, muu maa mustikka.

Our Finnish saying means something like this:
Your home country is strawberry, other countries are blueberries.

They taste sooo good!
I eat strawberries as such or with yoghurt, quark, whipped cream,
seldom with ice cream for me it is too sweet.

Monday turned to be a rainy day. So I bought a box and shall deepfreeze some for the winter.

Let's enjoy the tastes of summer!

14 heinäkuuta 2017

Weekend in Black & White

My cat Sissi bird watching. Without the bar on open window,
she would jump outside and eat up all little birds.

The bird theatre goes on despite the season :)
A short nap is needed inbetween.

A Basketful of Summer

I have an old basket that my cat Sissi uses for sleeping & bird watching.
I borrowed the basket from her and filled it with garden flowers.
Inside I put two glass jars with bouquets each.
I did not count how many different flowers there were, but definitely many!

I must have flowers, always, and always.
- Claude Monet

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.
- Claude Monet

Here is the cat lady - behind bars, otherwise she would jump outside from the open window and attack the birds.
The basket suits well for a nap too!

I have not yet visited Giverny, but have read a book about it.
It definitely is worth looking at Google Images. Monet was also very fond of irises.

Monet's paintings / Public domain

With this flower basket I wish you a flower filled weekend!

12 heinäkuuta 2017

Reality Check

We normally show only the pretty sights of our garden.
That's why I loved Angies thoughts about insect & slug damages or other pitfalls.
Her post inspired me to show how sad my garden looked this morning after a night's pouring rain.

I support my plants against wind and rain, but it is quite impossible to support them all.

I have only a few slugs and I'm happy about it.
But there are some bugs that eat all my Alcea rosea 'Nigra' leaves.
They are like lace. I cannot show you the laced leaves for I cut them away :)
But in spite of the damaged leaves they all show buds!
That is  really a thing to be happy about! I have 10 plants, all grown by seed.

Still I did not have the courage to show you my ugliest spots:
 my replanting and tool areas and the huge amount of cut dry branches. Maybe another time!

Anyway, let's be happy - it's summer despite of the weather!